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Good News -Which is your leadership benchmark across worldwide networks determined to end poverty? I like Yunus and social business maps, which as many as 100000 Bangladeshis have now been testing for 30 years because DR Y defines ending poverty as the twin search:
  • find every human's entrepreneur inside,
  • do so in ways that sustain community.

  • Here's where I first understood the full joy of creating a world without poverty 

    Bad News : since 1984 the UK's senior economist has stated : most macro economics is a disgraceful political sham-incapable of sustaining a local to globally networked planet; most rich nations have been compounding this exponential crashing economics onto more and more markets - banking, energy, healthcare, education...

     good news; almost every sustainability challenge and humanitarian crisis facing peoples today could start to be resolved- at exponentially rising pace - if we change the maths we governed people's work and lives by

     at least 100000 Bangladeshi's have spent the last 30 years innovating what happens if you use microeconomics maps; if we can exchange knowhow with them we could turn "I have a dream" into I have a reality in almost every purposeful human endeavour including such challenging ones as ending poverty - shall we go map how to do it? 

    its The Choice this generation makes, now... 


     choose who'sfuture

    RSVP  if you spot any economist who agrees with this statement adapted from the world's number 1 entrpreneur speech made at 2008 Microsoft Partners meeting Houston - there's magic in the word MICRO whatever we apply it to - soft, credit, professions - free markets of all the 50 most vital global sectors humanity needs for all our childrens futures to be exponentially sustainable
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    .some Yforum projects which started to be tested the day Dr Yunus and 7 million poor women shared the 2006 Nobel Prize:

    Y1000 if Muhammad Yunus is travelling through your city and has 2 hours to spare- how can we maximise that for 1000 people

    Y10000 if we make a dvd with the best news video advertisements the planet has to offer and give 10000 copies out to youth to debate how to connect round the good news and try out social actions in their community- how do we do that

    MAPPING Q&A- q1 of social action networking:  

    if joyous communications truly and actionably link everyone who has ever tried out microeconomics projects in bangladesh or anywhere else into a network - how can we exchange knowhow and open source Peer2Peer practice in any community who can exponentillay sustain from empowering these vital win-win services

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