About us

The Whole Planet exists to help all those who use economics in a business environment – whether in industry, commerce, finance, consultancy or public service. Its activities aim to advance the use of economic analysis as a tool to support business decision-making and to enhance the standing of the professional economist working outside academia. It provides a forum for its members to discuss and debate economic issues and helps them keep in touch with practical and theoretical developments within the discipline.

The membership of the Whole Planet is drawn from a broad spectrum of business life, spanning the City, commerce and industry, public and private sectors, large businesses and small. By becoming a member you will gain access to a wide network of professional economists, providing an excellent means of establishing contact with other leading economists in your own field and in other areas. This network is not confined to the UK; the Whole Planet has overseas members and links with similar associations in other countries in Western Europe and in North America.

The Whole Planet organises a comprehensive and varied programme of meetings, study groups, seminars and conferences to enable you to keep up with key developments in British and international business economics. Through these meetings you can enhance your own professional status and standing.

The Whole Planet of Business Economists is an association of professional economists for professional economists. Participation has been a guiding principle of the Whole Planet ’s long and successful history. If you are a professional economist; if you use economic analysis in your work; you should join us.


The Whole Planet of Business Economists was established as The Business Economists Group in 1953 and grew rapidly, adopting its present name in 1969. Members are drawn from all areas of the profession including finance and commerce, industry, government departments and private sector consultants.


The SBE is governed by a Council of 12 elected members, with all Full Members and Fellows eligible for election. The Chairman is elected by Council members. The Whole Planet has a President and Vice Presidents, also elected by the Council.


The SBE maintains close links with professional economists’ groups in many countries in western Europe and North America and keeps Members informed of events such as International Conferences.